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Implementing Climate Strategies

Dedicated to taking action, the Salish Alliance was created to help bring adaption strategies to life.

Adaptation Plans

Communities throughout the region have adopted plans to address our changing climate. Many more are in the process of developing plans. We are here to help these communities with the hard work- implementing those plans.

On The Ground

The Alliance is familiar and growing throughout the region. Presently our work has us on the ground in keystone watersheds in the Cascade, Willamette, Columbia and Boise basin watersheds.

Ecological Resilience

To endure change Communities need to keep their watersheds functioning. Our network of professionals have decades of experience understanding the challenges of implementing conservation and restoration strategies.

Energy And Food

Security of community food and energy have, and will be, an essential component of how communities sustain themselves. Managing and minimizing our resource demands will be essential in the years ahead.

About Salish Alliance

Dedicated to taking action the Salish Alliance was created to help bring adaption strategies to life. Working with local communities we are committed to implementing strategies that will sustain communities throughout the Pacific Northwest for generations to come.

What We  Are Doing?

Walking the talk and taking Action

The Alliance is rooted in Pacific Northwest Community. We believe the essence and heart of the region is embodied with the indigenous communities that still inhabit this land. The ability of our region to meet climate challenges will hinge on our collective ability to build on ancestral knowledge. For these reasons we emphasize working with tribal communities to put actions on the ground.

Our Features

25+ Projects Completed

300+ Donations

17+ Communities Engaged

70+ Volunteers

Recent  Work

The Alliance is working in four principle program areas; Energy, Food Security, Ecological Resilience and Infrastructure. These four areas provide cornerstones for building a more sustainable future. Our work with local communities begins with understanding how each of these focus areas will be challenged by local shifts in climate.


Investing in clean energy

Food Security

Retooling agriculture

Ecological Resilience

Environmental Progress